In December 2015, Innodigital specializing in process governance was established. Started as a professional company that leverages Digital Business Platform to support the enterprise’s digital transformation.

  • Consulting on the Improvement of Professional Operating Systems across the Enterprise.
  • Consulting on Service Delivery and Process Governance System Establishmen.
  • Custom Digital Business Platform Service delivery.
  • Providing Customized Digital Business Platform Services with Software AG’s ARIS and others.

Major business areas

Based on Digital Business Platform and Digital Service Consulting, Digital Transformation Support is a core business. It has outstanding human resources that have accumulated various industrial, process and technology capabilities.

» Business areas


» Performance of business

1.Establishment of Integrated SR System for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (’19.7 – ’20.1)

2.Next ERP Consulting for Samsung Electronics (’19.1 – )

3.Consulting on  ERP Operating System for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (’18.7 – ’19.1)

4.Consultation on upgrading DS knowledge management system for Samsung Electronics (’18.7 – ’18.10)

5.ISP/BPR Consulting for KIBO (’18.2 – ’18.6)

6.Consulting on PAMS establishment for LG Chem (’17.6 – ’17.11)

7.Support to ARIS/Process Portal Operation for Samsung Electro-Mechanics (’16.6 – ’17.12)

8.Saudi project for Hyundai Heavy Industries (’17.7 – ’17.10)

9.Standardization of DS MES Processes for Samsung Electronics (’16.11 – ’17.3)

10.Process Governance for Samsung Fire & Marine (’16.1 – ’16.11)

11.ARIS/Process Portal Operation Support for Samsung Electro-Mechanics (’14.06 – ’18.12)

12.ARIS/Process Portal Operation Support for Samsung C&T (’14.6 – ’17.4)

13.Support to ARIS/Process Portal Operation for Samsung Group (’14.6 – ’18.5)

Innodigital provides process-based PI/ISP, PMO services and process consulting to create enterprise value through digital transformation.

  • Consultation on establishing process-based PI/ISP, PMO services and process governance systems
  • IRP Consulting to Reduce IT Operating Costs
  • Process Intelligence Consulting for Performance Analysis Based on Execution Process

What We Do   

Introduce domestic and overseas innovation cases, such as building a process governance system.

  • Examples of Samsung Fire & Fire Process Governance System, Samsung C&C Process Governance Portal Operation, etc.
  • An Introduction to Software AG’s Innovations in Foreign Countries

Best Practice